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"Bruce was fair, honest and delivered on set expectations. We had exclusion work done to keep bats out of our attic. Bruce actually lowered the price from the initial estimate once he realized a little less was needed than originally thought."

Jason R.

"Clay's Wildlife & Pest Services solved a mouse problem we had a couple years ago. He located a hole left by a plumber when he put a pipe into the house. More recently he got rid of squirrels that were getting into the attic of a house we lease out. He first put an exit only door on the attic vent where they were getting into the house, and a week later firmly secured the attic vent. Bruce is responsive, resourceful, and gets the job done. I highly recommend him for any pest problem you might have."

Chuck K.

"Who would have thought you could have a bat problem living in the city, well you can! Best person to call is Clay’s Wildlife & Pest Services. He was able to come inspect and close up areas that they could squeeze into while giving them a way out. After a few weeks no more bats and we couldn’t be happier! All buttoned up and ready for winter with no winged squatters! Great rates and excellent customer service. Definitely calling him again for any pest needs. Thank you!

Jackie W.


18 Thistle Road

Gilmanton, NH 03237


(603) 667-7016

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